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Hollywood Vampires rocks Istanbul, donates concert earnings to Turkish earthquake victims

Istanbul music lovers rocked Saturday with Hollywood Vampires -- an all-star band featuring actor Johnny Depp, singer Alice Cooper and musician Joe Perry.

The supergroup took the stage at Istanbul’s Life Park as part of their world tour. Solo act Ogun Sanlisoy, one of the pioneers of Turkish heavy metal music, was the opening performance.

The event was organized by Neo Events and Stellar and during the concert Depp provided vocals, played the bass and rhythm guitar, in addition to the keyboards.

Hollywood Vampires derives its name from a legendary rock club that was founded in the 1970s by Cooper, the iconic drummer of The Who.

Apart from their self-titled first album, Hollywood Vampire released Rise in 2019 and their first live album in 2023, Live in Rio.

“We are coming to Istanbul Life Park on June 10. At the same time, in order to reduce the impact of the devastating earthquakes that cost the lives of many innocents (sic) people a little bit and to contribute to the collection of needed aid, we will donate all the income of the concert we will give on the evening of June 10 in Istanbul to DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee). We donate it to the earthquake relief fund,” the band wrote June 3 on Twitter.


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