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Hundreds gather in Amsterdam to protest against EU migrant policies

Hundreds of people gathered at Dam Square in the Netherlands' capital city of Amsterdam on Sunday to draw attention to human rights violations at Europe’s borders and the difficulties faced by asylum seekers who want to come to Europe.

The demonstration -- organized by MiGreat, a project focused on changing narratives around migration across Europe, and various civil society organizations -- was attended by members of the public as well as activists from diverse ethnic backgrounds and communities, delivering the message that "Refuge is a human right."

The demonstrators carried placards with slogans such as "Remove the borders," "Protect people, not borders," "Where is humanity?" "Close Frontex," "EU borders kill" and "Crossing to Europe: Death."

Speakers called for the opening of Europe's borders and respecting people's freedom of movement.

During the speeches, it was said that asylum applications in the Netherlands take a very long time, with institutions taking months to process them, which leads to the suffering of refugees, who are unable to enter the job market during this period.

The activists also called for an end to wars, which cause migration, paying tribute to the migrants who lost their lives, especially in the migrant boat sinking earlier this month off the coast of Greece, which left at least 79 dead and many more missing


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