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Iceland whaling: Fisheries minister signals end from 2024

Commercial whaling in Iceland could be banned within two years, after a government minister said there was little justification for the practice.

The northern European country, an island in the North Atlantic, is one of few places to allow whale hunting.

But demand for the mammals' meat has decreased dramatically since Japan - Iceland's main market - resumed commercial whaling in 2019.

Iceland's fisheries minister says whaling is no longer profitable.

"Why should Iceland take the risk of keeping up whaling, which has not brought any economic gain, in order to sell a product for which there is hardly any demand?" Svandis Svavarsdottir wrote on Friday in the Morgunbladid newspaper.

Iceland's most recent annual quotas allow for the hunting of 209 fin whales, which are considered endangered, and 217 minke whales - one of the smallest species.


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