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India sees record 3,780 COVID-19 deaths in 1 day

India on Wednesday recorded its highest single-day death toll caused by the coronavirus since the pandemic began, as hospitals in the country continue to struggle with the massive patient load.

According to Health Ministry figures released on Wednesday morning, 3,780 people died in the past 24 hours, pushing the total number to 226,188.

While there was a slight drop in daily infections since Saturday, cases jumped again to 382,315 on Wednesday, propelling the total coronavirus mark to 20.66 million.

After India registered more than 400,000 new cases -- a new record on Saturday last week -- there was a decline in daily cases, with the figure reaching 357,229 on Tuesday.

With the exponential rise in daily COVID-19 cases, leaving the health system crumbling, a number of hospitals in the national capital New Delhi continue to raise the alarm about the shortage of medical oxygen supply in the hospitals.

Several hospitals are now approaching Indian courts as patients have died due to low oxygen supplies in the hospitals.


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