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India tops 200,000 dead amid coronavirus surge

As India grapples with a devastating wave of COVID-19 cases, the country's official death toll surged passed the 200,000 mark. The crisis has been worsened by shortages in oxygen and medical equipment.

  • India has logged a global daily record of 362,567 new infections

  • The country's total COVID-19 death toll has crossed 200,000

  • India ranks second in the world after the US for the total number of cases

  • Its fatality count is fourth behind the US, Brazil and Mexico

  • Several countries have pledged aid, including Germany, France, the EU, Britain, the US, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

Coronavirus cases are surging in India, with the South Asian country reporting a global record of 362,567 new infections on Wednesday and the death toll crossing 200,000.

Indian officials said 3,293 people died in the past 24 hours, the first time the country saw over 3,000 fatalities in one day.

India has been logging global daily records of over 300,000 cases for the last seven days.


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