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Indonesia earthquake: Many schoolchildren killed in building collapses

Many of those killed and injured in a major earthquake on the Indonesian island of Java were children who were at school when it hit, rescuers say.

Aprizal Mulyadi, 14, said he was trapped after "the room collapsed and my legs were buried under the rubble".

He said he was pulled to safety by his friend Zulfikar, who then later died after himself becoming trapped.

Search teams are scrambling to find survivors after more than 100 people died and thousands were left homeless.

The 5.6 magnitude quake struck a mountainous region on Monday, causing landslides that buried entire villages near the West Java town of Cianjur.

Victims were crushed or trapped after walls and roofs caved in. "It all happened so fast," Aprizal told AFP news agency.

A representative of the National Search and Rescue Agency also confirmed that many of the dead were young people.


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