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Iran claims missile strike on Erbil, says 'targeted Israeli facilities'

Iran on Sunday claimed an overnight attack on what it said were Israeli facilities in the region of Erbil in northern Iraq with precision-guided missiles.

In a statement on Sunday, the public relations wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed responsibility for Saturday's strike in the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), saying it came in response to last week's Israeli attack in Syria that killed two IRGC members.

The IRGC warned Israel that it would face a "harsh, decisive, and destructive response" if such strikes continue, vowing to avenge the Syria strike.

In the statement, the IRGC said the attack that occurred late at night targeted Israel's "strategic center of conspiracies" in Erbil.

It underlined that the security of Iranian nationals was "the red line" of the country's armed forces.

In a statement on Sunday, the KRG's counterterrorism unit said a dozen ballistic missiles that hit Erbil after they were launched from outside the country.

It said the attack was "directed from the east," targeting an affluent neighborhood in the direction of the US consulate, adding that there had been no fatalities.

Separately, the KRG Interior Ministry announced that one person was slightly injured as a result of the missile attack.


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