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Iran says strikes targeted militant group in Pakistan

Iran says it has hit a militant group in western Pakistan in a missile attack, its third air strike on another country this week after earlier attacks on targets in Iraq and Syria.

Iranian state TV said the operation hit two sites in Balochistan linked to the militant group Jaish al-Adl.

Pakistani officials said two children were killed and three others injured.

Islamabad said the air strike was an "illegal act" and warned it could lead to "serious consequences".

The latest air strike come at a time of growing tension across the Middle East, with more than 100 days of war between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza and recent US-UK air strikes on Yemen, from where Iran-backed Houthi militants have been attacking commercial shipping in the Red Sea.

China on Wednesday urged Pakistan and Iran to show "restraint" and "avoid actions that would lead to an escalation of tension". Foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning added that Beijing saw the countries as "close neighbours".

Tuesday's strike in Pakistan hit a village in the vast south-western border province of Balochistan. Tehran said it was targeting Jaish al-Adl, or "army of justice", an ethnic Baloch Sunni Muslim group that has carried out attacks inside Iran as well as on Pakistani government forces.


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