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Israeli army withdraws from Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital, leaving destruction, casualties behind

The Israeli army withdrew from inside the Al-Shifa Hospital and the surrounding areas west of Gaza City early Monday, leaving scores of casualties and extensive destruction in the hospital and its vicinity.

The army fully withdrew from inside the hospital and the surrounding neighborhoods towards areas south of Tel al-Hawa neighborhood, southwest of Gaza City, witnesses told Anadolu.

The Israeli forces burned all buildings in the hospital resulting in complete cessation of services, the witnesses added.

They also noted that the army destroyed the specialized surgery building and burned the main reception and emergency building.

Israeli forces also burned the buildings of the kidney and maternity wards, mortuary refrigerators, and cancer and burn facilities, and destroyed the outpatient clinic building, according to the witnesses.

According to Palestinian medical sources, the hospital is now completely out of service and the army destroyed all medical equipment in the complex, operation rooms, and intensive care units.

The witnesses reported that scores of scattered bodies were found in the hospital and in the streets surrounding it.

They explained that the army destroyed the makeshift cemetery established by Palestinians in the facility and removed the corpses from it, scattering them in various areas of the hospital.


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