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Israeli parliament approves bill limiting chances of prime minister being impeached

The Knesset (Israeli parliament) on Thursday gave its final approval to a bill that limits the chances of a prime minister being impeached.

The bill cleared the first and second reading by a majority of 61 to 47 members of the Knesset, the assembly said in a statement.

The first reading of the bill was passed on late Monday by a majority of 61 to 51 out of 120 members of the Knesset.

Draft laws need to pass three readings in the Knesset in order to become effective.

The approved bill stipulates that the prime minister can only be removed if he is considered physically or psychologically incapable of performing his duties.

Since May 2020, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been on trial in three corruption cases. Netanyahu’s government has proposed a judicial overhaul plan that has triggered mass protests across Israel for more than 10 weeks.

The change would severely limit the power of the Supreme Court of Justice, give the government the power to choose judges and end the appointment of legal advisers to ministries by the attorney general.

Netanyahu has insisted his plan would enhance democracy.


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