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Japan earthquake death toll tops 200, 120 still missing

The death toll from the New Year's Day earthquake in Japan has crossed 200, while at least 120 people are still missing as search for survivors continues, authorities said Tuesday, according to Kyodo news.

The 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Ishikawa province destroyed infrastructure and affected power lines.

Search and rescue personnel involving thousands of soldiers are battling harsh weather and damaged roads to pull out those trapped under the rubble.

The coastal city of Wajima was the worst-hit, while thousands of people are still staying at evacuation centers in Ishikawa, many of whom have been infected by COVID-19.

More than 3,300 people are still out of reach due to broken roads. To meet the needs of the sick, drone companies are dropping essential medicines to areas cut off due to landslides.

The weather agency has cautioned people against lowering their guard as seismic activity continues in the region. Japan, considered earthquake-prone, is said to have been hit by hundreds of small-magnitude tremors since Jan. 1.


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