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Japanese journalist admires solidarity of Turkish people after earthquake

A Japanese journalist working in southeastern Türkiye expressed her admiration for the solidarity of Turkish people after twin earthquakes hit the region earlier this month.

Hiromi Yasui, who is reporting for Kyodo News from Adiyaman province, told Anadolu that she was very upset to see the destruction in the region.

Hiromi described her experience with the Great Hanshin earthquake in Japan in 1995.

"My city, Kyoto, was jolted at 6 - 7 in the early morning. Later, at 8.30 a.m., there was another earthquake. My home was not harmed. I went down to the street because I wanted to talk to people. What I'm feeling here is similar to how I felt in the past," she said.

She called attention to the fact that while the earthquake in Türkiye was of comparable magnitude to the one she experienced in 1995, the effect in Türkiye was more profound.

"The number of individuals killed in Japan's earthquake was estimated to be over 7,000. But, it has already surpassed 40,000 here. I saw a lot for the deaths of 7,000 individuals 25 years ago, but now I see 40,000. Everyone agreed that the problem was due to the buildings' construction technique or their age," she said.

Hiromi emphasized her admiration for the Turkish people's togetherness in the aftermath of the earthquake.

"It is a major issue in the country, affecting 10 - 11 cities. It is also an issue determining how to share support, yet people work really well together. Solidarity is a wonderful thing," she said.

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