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Javier Milei: Protests as lawmakers debate reforms supported by Argentine president

Police clashed with protesters in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, on Wednesday as lawmakers discussed a controversial bill proposed by newly-elected president Javier Milei.

The "omnibus bill" contains hundreds of articles which - if passed - will usher in sweeping free-market reforms.

Mr Milei was elected in November on a promise to overhaul Argentina's crisis-hit economy and lower inflation.

But some of his proposals have met with strong opposition from some lawmakers.

Mr Milei has warned that unless radical reforms are implemented, Argentina would face "a social catastrophe of biblical proportions".

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The annual inflation rate is at 211% - the highest in more than three decades. Over 40% of people live in poverty, according to the country's statistics office.

The bill as originally proposed by the president contained more than 650 articles. But in an attempt to gain the support of the opposition, which has a majority in the lower house, it has since has been whittled down considerably.


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