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Javier Milei: Trump admirer leads race for Argentina presidency

Far-right politician Javier Milei, who admires US ex-president Donald Trump, has received the highest share of votes in Argentina's primary election.

The primary, in which presidential candidates from all parties take part, is seen as a key indicator for the presidential election on 22 October.

Mr Milei exceeded expectations by winning 30% of the votes and beating more established politicians.

Argentine media have described the result as a "political earthquake".

The primary in Argentina differs from those in other countries, since it is not restricted to party members, but open to all those eligible to cast their ballot in the presidential polls. Voting is also mandatory.

Whoever wins the most votes is therefore seen as a favourite for the presidential election on 22 October.

Opinion polls ahead of the primaries had seen Mr Milei trailing behind the centre-left economy minister, Sergio Massa, and conservative candidate Patricia Bullrich.

But with more than 97% of votes counted, Mr Milei had 30.06% of votes, ahead of Ms Bullrich with 28.27% and Sergio Massa with 27.24%.

Newspaper La Nación compared Mr Milei's surge to a tsunami.

Mr Milei is a former TV personality. Despite serving as a Congressmen since 2021, he likes to portray himself as a political outsider.


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