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Journalists in Mexico protest killings of 3 reporters

Journalists across Mexico staged protests Tuesday over the recent killings of three reporters, demanding that authorities address the rampant wave of violence against the press

The murder of three journalists within the last two weeks ignited outrage among journalists and activists, who demonstrated outside government buildings throughout the country.

Lourdes Maldonado was shot dead inside her car last Sunday outside her residence in the city of Tijuana. She had just won a lawsuit against the media company Primer Sistema de Noticias (PSN), which she had been suing for years for unfair dismissal. PSN is owned by Jaime Bonilla, a businessman and former governor of her home state of Baja California.

A week before, on Jan. 17, Margarito Martinez Esquivel, a photojournalist also from Tijuana who specialized in crime and public security in his town, was shot in the head outside his home as he left for work.

Journalist Jose Luis Gamboa Arenas from Veracruz was reported missing on Jan. 12. After a three-day search, his relatives were notified of his death after his body was found with stab wounds.


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