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Kim Jong-un apologizes for killing S.Korean official

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has apologized to South Korea over the killing of an official who went missing in a border region, local media reported Friday. 

In a formal notice to South Korea, Kim said he felt “very sorry” for “disappointing” President Moon Jae-in and other South Koreans in connection with the incident, state-run Yonhap News Agency reported.

The North Korean military official said on Thursday that a missing official was shot dead by North Korean military and his body burned.

Seoul said the official was affiliated with South Korea’s Oceans and Fisheries Ministry who went missing from a boat in waters off the western border island of Yeonpyeong on Monday.

Suh Hoon, director of South Korean national security, said North Korea also shared the results of its probe into the incident.

North Korean “troops operating near the western sea border fired more than 10 shots against the South Korean man intruding into the North's waters,” Suh said, quoting North Korea’s account.

Pyongyang added that its military did not in fact burn the body but the “floating material” that carried the deceased official.

Moon and Kim have recently exchanged personal letters, Suh added.


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