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Kosovo police: No casualties in alleged conflicts on Serbian border

Kosovo announced on Sunday that there is no official information that any citizen or police officer was injured in alleged conflicts between Kosovo police and the Serbian Army.

"We appeal to all citizens and the media not to fall for fake news that tends to destabilize the situation and create a panic," the Kosovo police said in a statement.

"Based on official information so far, roadblocks have continued at several locations in the north of Mitrovica in the direction of the Jarinje and Brnjak border crossings (with Serbia), which are closed to traffic," the statement added.

Tension between Serbia and Kosovo rose on Sunday ahead of Kosovo’s new law set to come into effect Monday making it mandatory for everyone, including Serbs living in Kosovo, to have a Kosovo ID card and plate.

According to local media, air raid sirens were heard along near the Kosovo/Serbian border as Kosovo is set to restrict border crossings

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is expected to address the nation later on Sunday night.


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