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Kremlin claims decision on alleged drone attack by Ukraine made by US

The Kremlin claimed on Thursday that the alleged drone attack by Ukraine on the presidential residence late Tuesday was decided by the US.

"We are well aware that decisions on such actions, on such terrorist attacks, are not made in Kyiv, (but) namely, in Washington. And Kyiv is already doing what it is told to do," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said during a press briefing.

Peskov further claimed that the goals of such attacks are also often not determined by Ukraine but by the US, which are then brought to Kyiv to be “fulfilled.”

“You understand that only a small part of this data is being disclosed. But it is very important here that Washington understands that we know this, and understands how dangerous such direct participation in the conflict is,” Peskov also said.

He added that the Russian Investigative Committee, as well as other agencies, are thoroughly investigating the drone attack, the results of which, he said, depends on those working on the investigation.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday that Ukraine attempted to strike the residence with two drones, which, it said, were shot down on Tuesday night.


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