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Kuwait parliament urges laws prohibiting normalisation

The Speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, and 18 deputies, have submitted a request for urgent examination to the committees of the National Assembly and Assembly meetings to vote on the draft laws that had been submitted regarding the boycott of Israel and the banning of normalisation.

These moves came after the advisor of the US president and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, criticised Kuwait’s position on normalisation with Israel and solidarity with the Palestinians.

Deputy Muhammad Al-Dalal said: “The Speaker of the National Assembly, a number of deputies, and I, have submitted a request to speed up the approval of these proposals to the council.”

The request called for urgent consideration by the council of proposed amendments to Law 21 of 1964 concerning the Unified Boycott (of Israel) Law concerning the prohibition of normalising relations with Israel.


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