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Kuwait rejects Israel's forced displacement of Gazans amid evacuation order

Kuwait categorically rejected an Israeli order for Palestinians to evacuate their homes in Gaza and head south amid a massive air campaign on the Palestinian territory.

“Such a call would exacerbate the suffering of the Palestinian people who already suffer from the siege and bombardment that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians,” Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah told the state news agency. KUNA.

The Kuwaiti minister deplored the Israeli military escalation in Gaza, indiscriminate killing of Palestinians and destruction of property as “a violation of international humanitarian law.”

He urged the international community and the UN Security Council “to act swiftly to halt this dangerous escalation and war that does not differentiate between civilian and military targets.”

The top diplomat demanded stopping attacks on civilians, ending the blockade, allowing the delivery of humanitarian and medical aid to the Palestinians “and ensuring providing them with water and food.”

The Israeli military warned 1.1 million residents in northern Gaza to evacuate Friday and immediately move south.


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