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Libya to hold aid conference next month to rebuild flood-stricken Derna

East Libya-based government plans to hold an international conference for rebuilding the city of Derna following this month’s deathly floods.

“We invite the international community to participate in an international conference on Oct. 10 to rebuild Derna and other areas affected by Storm Daniel,” Osama Hamad, head of the eastern government, said in a statement.

Mediterranean storm Daniel struck eastern Libya on Sept. 10, leading to floods in several cities, including Benghazi, Bayda, Al Marj, Soussa, and Derna, resulting in massive destruction to infrastructure and a significant loss of life.

Derna was hardest hit by the deadly flooding, causing the city’s dams to burst, washing away homes and people.

According to UN figures, nearly 4,000 were killed and over 8,000 others still missing following the flood disaster.

The conference “aims to present modern and rapid visions for the reconstruction of Derna and other affected cities, including the rebuilding of roads and dams,” Hamad said.

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