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Mexico’s ruling party leads in mid-term elections

Mexicans headed to the polls Sunday to cast their ballots in the country’s mid-term elections, with preliminary results showing President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s National Regeneration Movement party (Morena) as the winner.

So far, electoral authorities have reported a total of 10,548,094 votes, with the ruling party Morena party accounting for 35% or 3,710,880. They are leading in the lower House of Representatives and eight state governorships as reported by the party's president, Mario Delgado.

"The information we have tells us that the people have the majority in the Chamber of Deputies. We confirm that Morena is once again the leading political force in the country. It is absolutely clear that in Mexico, there is a majority of the people,"said Delgado.

Opposition political parties the National Action Party (PAN) and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) are in second and third place, respectively.

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