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Migrants on Belarus-Poland border return to camps in forest area

Migrants waiting at checkpoints on the Belarus-Poland border returned to camps in the forest area Tuesday while others went to a logistics center and prepared to spend the night.

Around 2,000 migrants, including women and children, who left camps Monday for the western border with Poland waited at the Bruzgi-Kuznitsa border checkpoint.

Polish security sources intervened against the migrants who attempted to cross the barriers.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has ordered the Grodno Governor's Office to prepare an area for the migrants to spend the night.

Some migrants settled in the logistics center, where beds, blankets and food were provided.

The Belarusian Health Ministry said it sent medical teams to the area.

Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anatoly Glaz accused Poland of "directly provoking border incidents."

Meanwhile, 170 migrants at the border applied to the Iraqi Embassy in Minsk to return to Iraq, according to Iraqi Foreign Ministry sources.

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