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More than hundred Rohingya reported killed in Myanmar after Cyclone Mocha hits

Sunday's super Cyclone Mocha killed several hundred Rohingya in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state, according to multiple Rohingya sources.

“I have got information from my relatives in the area that only in two villages in Sittwe (the capital of Rakhine) so far 150 Rohingya people have been killed by the devastating Cyclone Mocha,” Mojib Ullah, a Rohingya leader, told Anadolu over the phone on Tuesday.

The death toll is feared to rise as more information is gathered from other cyclone-ravaged areas in Rakhine, said Ullah, who is the director at the Committee of Islamic & Cultural Heritage of Arakan (Rakhine) Rohingya Union.

The super cyclone, categorized as the top hurricane by the US, hit Bangladesh’s southeastern maritime port of Cox’s Bazar and Myanmar’s Rakhine state on Sunday.

Ullah said the cyclone severely damaged the camps of internally displaced people in Sittwe where nearly 140,000 Rohingya live.

“I am scared that many might have died in those camps,” the Rohingya leader said, adding that it would take some more time to get the complete figure of casualties of Rohingya in Myanmar due to the cyclone.


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