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Moscow mayor extends COVID-19 restrictions over spike in cases

The Moscow mayor on Friday extended the coronavirus restrictions for 10 more days in an attempt to contain the deteriorating situation in the Russian capital.

In a decree, Sergey Sobyanin announced that food courts, children's playrooms and zoos will remain closed for visitors till June 29, while parks continue to be open for walks only.

The catering services, nightclubs, bars, discos, and karaoke venues are prohibited from receiving visitors from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. [2000-0300GMT]. Only takeaway service is allowed during these hours.

The decree introduced a limit on the number of people who can simultaneously be present at entertainment events with 1,000 people and banned zones that do not provide seats, including fan zones and dance floors. The rule also covers EURO 2020 fan zones.

In the meantime, the Moscow authorities agreed with the suggestion that some restaurateurs hold an experiment of organizing "COVID Free" food service points to support businesses.

The experiment starts on June 19 and it will be held in 15-20 restaurants for the beginning.

The experiment suggests canceling the restrictive measures for the restaurants that will only serve people who can confirm receiving the second dose of a coronavirus vaccine.


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