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Muslim immigrant families protest against Swedish agency for taking their children

Muslim immigrant families in western Sweden protested Sunday against state social services for allegedly unjustly taking their children from their homes.

Protesters holding photos of their children gathered in Gothenburg's Gustaf Adolf

Torg Square and chanted slogans such as "Give us our children back," "Our children were taken from us, we were subjected to injustice" and "We want justice."

Swedish officials say that children are removed from their families under certain circumstances but have denied allegations of "kidnapping" and abuse of children.

Mikail Yuksel, head of the Swedish Nuance Party (Partiet Nyans), told Anadolu Agency that he supports the protest and sympathizes with families whose children have been taken away from their families, calling it a tragedy.

Yuksel said that many people sought his help to have their rights protected from state social services. While dismissing social media reports saying Muslim children were taken and given to Christian families as “rumors,” he said discrimination plays a role in the process.

"The social services agency's justification for taking a child from a Swedish family is not the same as the reason for taking a child from a Muslim and immigrant family. Formidable prejudices come into play for Muslim and immigrant families," he explained.


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