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Nepal plane crash: 22 bodies handed over to families

At least 22 bodies of the deceased passengers of Nepal's Yeti Airlines have been handed over to their families after their identification, while 49 others have been brought to the capital Kathmandu, a senior aviation official said on Wednesday.

An intense search is still underway at the crash site in Pokhara city on Wednesday, three days after the plane with 68 passengers and four crew members met the worst domestic flight disaster in 30 years.

Several teams have been engaged to search for the missing body, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal spokesman Jaganatha Niraula told Anadolu.

"22 bodies have been handed over to their families in Pokhara city," he said, adding that 49 other deceased passengers' bodies have been brought to Kathmandu.

Yeti Airlines' ATR 72-500 series plane, flight number YT 691, was flying from Kathmandu to a new airport in central Pokhara city when it crashed on Sunday morning.

The causes of the air crash are being investigated by a high-level five-member committee.

According to the Kathmandu Post, a team of 11 foreign experts has arrived in Kathmandu to assist with the investigation into the air crash.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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