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New search for unmarked graves underway at Indian residential school in Canada

A new search for unmarked graves began Tuesday at one of the largest and oldest former Canadian Indian residential schools in Brantford, Ontario.

Two ground-penetrating radar machines are being used and colored flags and orange spray paint have marked out a grid-like search area behind the school.

"That back there is the unknown," school survivor Sherlene Bomberry told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The former Mohawk Institute Residential School is about 500 acres and lies in Brantford, located about an hour west of Toronto.

No one knows how many children are buried at the school since records were poorly kept and parents of the deceased children were sometimes not told of the deaths. But uncovering the graves is necessary to promote healing.

"This is the first step in our journey to bring our children home," said Mark Hill, chief of the Six Nations of Grand River.

The search follows the more than 1,000 unmarked graves found earlier this year at three other Canadian former residential schools.


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