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New shooting mars election campaign in Ecuador

A candidate in Sunday's presidential election in violence-hit Ecuador has called for an investigation after shooting erupted near a restaurant where he was having breakfast.

Otto Sonnenholzner, a conservative politician, was with his family and supporters when shots rang out.

He is not believed to have been the target. But the campaign has been marred by a surge in gang attacks.

Candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated in the capital last week.

The incident involving Mr Sonnenholzner, 40, occurred on Saturday in Guayaquil, Ecuador's largest city.

A video posted on social media shows the former-vice president talking to supporters in the restaurant before shots are heard, sowing panic. Local journalists said there was robbery in the vicinity.

Afterwards, Mr Sonnenholzner tweeted: "Thank God we are all fine but we demand an investigation into what happened... We can't go on like this."

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