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OIC Istanbul moot backs tech innovations to ‘present truth’ about Islam

The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), which underscores the need to combat Islamophobia and hatred against Islam in all its manifestations, on Saturday called for “utilizing new and emerging platforms and technological innovations to present truth” about Islam effectively.

A declaration adopted at the end of the two-day 12th Conference of the Information Ministers of the OIC in the Turkish metropolis Istanbul also welcomed the UN General Assembly resolution on International Day to Combat Islamophobia adopted by the global body on March 15.

The multi-national all-Muslim body emphasized on the importance of cooperation among the OIC member states in “developing necessary mechanisms to fight disinformation and other related challenges of the post-truth era, and devising short, medium and long-term strategic processes in the total fight against disinformation.”

It urged media outlets in the OIC member states to raise global awareness about “deliberate acts” of destruction and desecration of Islamic cultural and religious heritage in non-Muslim countries, especially in those areas where Indigenous Muslim communities were subjected to ethnic cleansing.

Recognizing the importance of focusing on specific issues and possible scenarios in the short term, it called for “multidimensional crisis communication and management and mechanisms to check the accuracy of information in the medium term, and news content, media literacy and digital media literacy in the long term.”


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