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Over 100 UK groups oppose Nationality and Borders Bill

Over 100 British organizations from across the country wrote an open letter to the House of Lords in parliament on Wednesday opposing controversial legislation known as the Nationality and Borders Bill, asserting that it threatens to undermine the rights of ethnic minorities in the UK.

In the letter, they called for an amendment to protect the rights of ethnic minority citizens in Britain and to ensure that their status as nationals is not threatened by the Home Office's "blanket" power, which they claim is for security reasons.

“We are appalled that 298 of our elected Members of Parliament voted for the Bill in its current form without considering the implications that the Bill, in its current form, will inadvertently have by creating a two-tier citizenship where the ‘brown’ or ‘black’ man or woman will be subject to the whims of the Home Secretary of the day without any legal oversight whatsoever,” the letter said.

“There are no safety measures contained in the Bill for a citizen-facing the ultimate draconian measure as that of the deprivation of their citizenship despite the reassurances given by the Government,” the letter added, noting the bill's removal of notice requirements for the government to remove a person from citizenship.


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