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Paris Olympics 'ecological, social ransacking,' says climate activist

he latest in a series of high-profile environmental protests saw climate activists smear fake blood last week on the Olympic Rings monument in front of the Paris town hall.

The Youth for Climate (YFC) group, also known as "Fridays For Future," protested the sports event that France's capital will host next year.

A group member, Ink, told Anadolu that they aimed to "raise awareness about the negative effects of the Olympics, a year before on the exact day."

"The Olympics are a perfect example of sportswashing," said Ink, stressing that the games were causing a "social, economic, ecological and democratic ransacking."

The activist also criticized remarks by the organizers, who claim that by halving the event's carbon dioxide emissions, the 2024 Olympics in Paris would be the "greenest" in recent history.

The activists also slammed the massive construction of new venues to the detriment of the green spaces.


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