Pope calls for global responsibility at UN speech

Pope Francis on Friday called for a joint commitment towards a better future through multilateralism, global responsibility, collaboration among states and inclusion of the poor.

In his speech to the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, the pope stressed that the world is facing unprecedented challenges stemming from the deadly coronavirus pandemic, which "has exposed our human fragility and has called into question our economic, health and social systems."

“We never emerge from a crisis just as we were. We come out either better or worse,” Pope Francis said.

The pontiff also noted that the pandemic has brought to the fore the need to realize the right of every person to basic health care, showing that solidarity cannot be “an empty word or promise."

The pope proposed “a change of direction” that involves a more robust ethical framework capable of overcoming “today’s widespread and quietly growing culture of waste.”

He also called for a change in the dominant economic paradigm which aims only to expand profit. At the same time, he urged businesses to make offering jobs to more people one of their main objectives.

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