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President Zelenskyy calls on EU 'not to let Ukraine down'

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Tuesday the EU "not to let Ukraine down" and promised that the EU would be stronger with Ukraine.

Speaking by a video link at the European Parliament's plenary session dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian war, Zelenskyy welcomed the EU's unified support for Ukraine but noted that he didn't know Ukraine had to pay "such a high price for it".

He said that his country is paying the "price of freedom" since Russian President Vladimir Putin started a war on Ukraine on Thursday. He cited the two missile attacks against the city of Kharkiv on Tuesday morning and said that only yesterday, 16 children were killed by the Russian attacks.

"Nobody is going to break us. We are strong, we are Ukrainian," Zelenskyy stated, but he stressed that we want "to see our children alive."

He called on EU lawmakers to "prove you are with us, prove that you won't let us down, prove that you are European too."

"EU will be much stronger with Ukraine," Zelenskyy asserted.


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