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New TR News Agency will be covering US elections and post- election developments in various locations. We offer below services:

Washington DC

  1. DTL and multi camera live position overlooking White House

  2. 4G (LiveU, TVU) live crew

  3. ENG crew and fixer

  4. OB-SNG upon request

New York, NY

  1. Indoor live position

  2. 4G unit(s) for live stand up

  3. ENG crew and fixer

Los Angeles, CA

Dallas, TX

Cleveland, OH

Massachusetts , PA

Miami, FL

4G unit(s) for live stand up

ENG crew

New TR News Agency Washington and New York teams can provide news packages

New TR HQ provides fiber connectivity and global delivery via all major satellites

Send email for booking or call our booking team directly for 24/7 hotline

  • UK +44 2037649227

  • US +12026299363

  • FR +33176540104

  • TR +902122546390

  • RU +74995051583


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