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Putin accuses Biden for providing 'false information' on Ukraine invasion

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his US counterpart he does not understand why the US president "knowingly gave false information on the invasion of Ukraine," the Kremlin said late Saturday.

Speaking to reporters about the more than hour-long telephone call between Putin and Joe Biden, Yury Ushakov, the presidential adviser on foreign policy issues, said the meeting was "balanced" and "business-oriented".

"Today's meeting took place in the atmosphere of unprecedented hysteria that Russia will definitely launch an attack on Ukraine in the near future," said Ushakov.

He claimed that allegations that Russia will attack Ukraine were made in a "coordinated" way.

"The Americans are artificially magnifying the hysteria around the so-called planned invasion of Russia, even telling the dates of the invasion, and in parallel, they are building the muscles of Ukraine together with their allies, providing financial resources to strengthen the Ukrainian army and increasing the number of military trainers sent to Ukraine," the adviser said.

"With the alleged invasion, preconditions are created for possible provocative actions of the Ukrainian armed forces," he said. "This is how we evaluate this situation"

Citing Biden's thoughts, he said the US president told Putin that Washington and Moscow "must do their best to support stability and security in the world" despite being rivals.

"Biden emphasized that within the framework of the Ukraine issue, everything should be done to avoid the worst scenario," he said.


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