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Putin warns Biden sanctions over Ukraine could rupture ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday told his US counterpart Joe Biden that their relations could be severely affected if Moscow is sanctioned over the Ukraine issue, according to the Kremlin,

Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said the "serious" 50-minute phone call between the leaders – their second phone call this month – was satisfactory and constructive in general.

Saying that Russia conveyed two draft agreements with the US and NATO, including proposals on various security guarantees, Ushakov said these proposals were also discussed by the presidents.

It was important that the US side demonstrated a will to understand the logic and essence of Russian concerns cited in the documents, he said.

According to Ushakov, Putin told Biden that a concrete result should emerge from negotiations to be held between the US and Russia, and Biden agreed with this.

Ukraine was among the issues discussed, he said, adding that Biden made it clear that the US has no intention of deploying weapons in Ukraine, and this topic was a significant element in the documents Russia presented.

Russia would take action the same way the US would if weapons were deployed along its borders, said Ushakov.

While Biden argued that an escalation near the Ukrainian border would result in economic, financial, and military sanctions on Russia, Putin said this would rupture relations between the West and his country and would be a major mistake.

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