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Roman Abramovich's English dream turns into nightmare after Russia's war in Ukraine

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich's English dream turned into a nightmare after Russia launched its war on Ukraine, triggering a bloody war in Europe.

Abramovich, 55, bought Chelsea in 2003 for $78 million (£60 million) 19 years ago when the Blues had not clinched a league title since the 1954 - 1955 campaign.

Chelsea have written a fairy tale story for fans, claiming 21 major trophies with five English Premier League titles and the UEFA Champions League twice in the Abramovich era.

But the Russian attack on Ukraine has dramatically changed the picture.

Abramovich decided to sell the Blues but the sale was halted by the UK government, who sanctioned its owner.

The government has frozen the assets of Abramovich which includes a ban on transfers and contracts for Chelsea.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview,'s Chelsea correspondent Nizaar Kinsella said the club needs a new owner to forge ahead to a better future.

"The club now needs a new owner to move forward and it sits in an uncomfortable stasis where they can't make transfers, renew contracts or even sell merchandise. It depends on the new owners whether the investment continues in Chelsea to be as successful as before or whether they suffer a decline. It is unlikely, though, that they will attract an individual who can do what Abramovich did for the club," he said.

Kinsella believes there is potentially some short-term pain coming Chelsea's way but does not think they will suffer quite like the bad days.

"They have the money from being in the Premier League and Champions League, the two biggest competitions in the world. They have a strong squad, academy, and women's team. They have a world-class training ground, while only the stadium really needs improving at the club," said Kinsella.

He said the club is an attractive proposition for any new owner.


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