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Russia blames Ukraine for Crimea’s Kerch Bridge blast with help of US, UK intelligence

Moscow claimed on Monday that Ukraine, with the direct assistance of US and UK intelligence agencies, carried out an explosion at the Kerch Bridge, which connects Russia to the Crimean Peninsula, killing a couple and injuring their daughter.

"Today's attack on the Crimean bridge was carried out by the Kyiv regime … Decisions are made by Ukrainian officials and the military with the direct participation of American and British intelligence agencies and politicians," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Telegram.

The Russian Foreign Ministry later released a statement strongly condemning the "terrorist attack" against the Kerch Bridge, expressing hope that "the international community and relevant multilateral structures will show integrity and give a proper assessment of the next crime of the Ukrainian authorities."

It further said that damage inflicted on the bridge will be repaired "as soon as possible," and that "all attempts to disrupt transport links with the peninsula and tear off Crimea from the rest of Russia are obviously impossible."​​​​​​​

In a separate statement, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia's response to the Kerch Bridge blast will be "the achievement of all the goals of the special military operation."

However, he added that diplomatic relations with the US and UK are unlikely to be severed because channels of dialogue are still required "at the most critical moments."

Russian officials were initially unclear about the situation, as two senior officials confirmed the death of a man and his wife, as well as injuries to their daughter, but called it an "emergency" at the Kerch Bridge.

Reversing these officials' earlier statements, Russia's Investigative Committee announced that the incident was a "terrorist attack" and that a criminal investigation was launched.

Sergey Aksyonov, the Russian-installed head of Crimea, had announced on Telegram that traffic at the Kerch Bridge had stopped and that an “emergency” had occurred in the area.

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