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Russia calls on Ukrainian military in Mariupol to lay down arms

The Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday offered the Ukrainian military in Ukraine's Mariupol city to surrender, according to the ministry's spokesman.

Speaking at a press briefing in Moscow, Igor Konashenkov said Moscow offers the Ukrainian servicemen to announce a cease-fire at noon local time (0900GMT), then organize a communication channel, open a safe passage at 14.00 Moscow time (1100GMT) for the exit of the servicemen without weapons, which will be open till 4 p.m. (1300GMT).

Konashenkov also said the Ukrainian Security Service is staging new provocations in the city of Odessa, where Ukrainian servicemen in Russian military uniform will shoot civilians to accuse Russia.

"According to operative data, the SBU officers will change into Russian uniforms and arrange the shooting of civilians, and footage of the "atrocities of Russians" will be promoted through Ukrainian and Western news agencies," he warned.

Konashenkov said Ukraine's 13 strongholds were hit Monday night with high-prediction missiles.

Also, the aviation hit 60 objects of Ukraine’s military infrastructure, including two storage depots for Tochka-U tactical missile warheads, three command points, 53 areas of concentration of troops and military equipment, he said.

The Strategic Rocket Forces hit 1,260 targets, Konashenkov added, including 25 command points, two missiles and artillery depots, two air defense systems Buk-M1, and 1,214 areas of concentration of troops and military equipment.


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