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Russia says more troops returning to garrisons after drills in Crimea

Russia announced on Wednesday that rear units of its Southern Military District started returning to their places of permanent deployment after the completion of military exercises in Crimea.

"Units of logistics formation of the Southern Military District after the end of the events of the combat training have set off on march by ordinary transportation to points of permanent dislocation," said a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry.

"The personnel of units of logistics formation took part in planned tactic exercises at combined arms training grounds of the Crimean Peninsula," added the ministry.

As of the statement's release, the troops had already departed the Crimean Peninsula, crossing the Kerch Strait, the ministry said.

In a similar announcement on Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that some troops in the western and southern military districts have started returning to their garrisons after completing exercises.

Some military exercises continue, specifically the Russian-Belarusian joint military drill, Allied Determination 2022, which is set to last until Feb. 20, it said.

In January, the Russian Defense Ministry also announced a series of large-scale military drills "in all areas of responsibility" for the Russian Navy, including in the Mediterranean, Northern, and Okhotsk seas, as well as in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.


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