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Russia says NATO’s Vilnius summit marks return to ‘Cold War schemes’

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that NATO’s summit in Vilnius, Lithuania marked the alliance's return to the thinking and "schemes" of the Cold War era.

In a statement on its website, the ministry said the West "protects the interests of 1 billion" -- the population of the Western countries -- and fights for its hegemony, trying to stop the formation of the multipolar world, including with military means.

"For the West, the 'rules-based order' is an usurped prerogative to violate international law. The outcome of NATO's actions is well known – the proliferation of hotbeds of instability, the destruction of states, rampant terrorism, unpunished war crimes, blood of civilians, including children, endless flows of refugees," it said.

The alliance proved its incapability to adapt to the new geopolitical situation and demands in the security domain and the US and its allies are also trying to contain forming centers of the multipolar world, it added.

The ministry also accused NATO of hypocrisy, pointing out that the alliance accuses Russia of being a threat while increasing its military presence and building military storage facilities near Russia’s borders, training for offensive actions against Russia in military exercises.

The diplomatic service pointed out that the number of troops in areas surrounding Russia increased to 300,000 and no one denies that air defense systems are deployed against Russia.

"NATO consistently lowers the threshold for the use of force and strengthens the nuclear component in military planning," it said.

Ukraine became the spearhead of NATO's fight against Russia and was promised membership and long-range weapons, it said.


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