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Russia to ban sharing LGBT 'propaganda' with adults as well as children

The controversial Russian ban against promoting so-called "gay propaganda" looks set to be extended to all adults.

The move represents a toughening of an existing 2013 law, which makes providing information about being LGBT to children a criminal offence.

Those convicted face large fines for promoting what Russia calls "non-traditional sexual relations".

The initial approval of the extension was voted through by the Russian State Duma unanimously.

Earlier this week, officials had urged politicians in Russia's lower house of parliament to enact the extension - portraying it as part of a broader battle over civilisational values with the West and linking it to the decision to invade Ukraine.

Under the proposal, information about "non-traditional lifestyles" or "the rejection of family values" would be considered legally the same as pornography, the promotion of violence, or stoking racial, ethnic and religious tensions.

It also bans the "propaganda of paedophilia" - which the Russian government often conflates with being gay.


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