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Serbia to boost ties with Israel, Palestine: President

Serbia is committed to improving relations with both Israel and Palestine, the country's president said Tuesday.

Aleksandar Vucic briefed Palestinian Ambassador, Muhammad Nabhan, on recent diplomatic talks in Washington and Brussels.

"Serbia is committed to improving relations with both Israel and Palestine and wants a sustainable solution based on international public law norms established at the UN, which would bring peace, stability and progress to all," said President Vucic during the meeting.

He added that Serbia respected and preserved friendship with Palestine and that it supported the establishment of lasting peace and stability in the Middle East.

Vucic expressed hope that the two sides would find a way to reach an agreement that would contribute to a better life for all people in the region.

He also thanked the Palestinian leadership for its principled position on the non-recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo.

For his part, Nabhan said Palestine appreciated Serbia, with which it has deep friendly relations, and that this was why the news of a possible relocation of the embassy was received with concern.

Nabhan also expressed confidence that the views of the Palestinian people would be respected by the Serbian leadership in the spirit of traditional friendship.

The two interlocutors agreed that Serbia and Palestine should continue steps to form a Joint Cooperation Committee, which would make concrete existing agreements and help take advantage of opportunities for comprehensive cooperation.


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