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Serbian president’s alliance wins general elections

The official results of the Dec. 17 general elections in Serbia have been announced by the State Election Commission.

The Commission said in a statement that the Aleksandar Vucic-Serbia Should Not Stop alliance, led by the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and supported by President Aleksandar Vucic, secured victory by obtaining 46% of the vote in the early elections.

The statement indicated that the alliance l won 129 of the 250-seat National Assembly, and the opposition alliance, Serbia Against Violence, consisting of opposition parties, received 23% of the vote and secured 65 seats in the Assembly.

The Ivica Dacic-Serbia Prime Minister alliance won 18 seats, the NADA coalition secured 13, the People's Vote, Our Choice alliance received 13, the Vojvodina Hungarians Union List had six, the Usama Zukorlic-Union for Justice List won two, the Democratic Action Party-Sandzak (SDA Sandzak) secured two and the Russia Party and the Albanian Political Struggle List each managed to secure one seat apiece.

The statement highlighted that with 18 lists participating in the election, 10 have earned the right to enter the Assembly based on official results.

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