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‘Shocked’ president calls for political solution after arrest of Pakistan's ex-premier

Expressing “alarm” and “shock” over the deteriorating situation in Pakistan, President Arif Alvi on Thursday called for a “political solution” in the aftermath of former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s arrest.

“I am alarmed, shocked, and deeply disturbed over the current situation in the country arising out of the arrest and manhandling of the former PM Imran Khan,” Alvi said in a statement.

Alvi added: “I have conveyed my concerns to the political and military leadership and am hopeful that the situation can improve.”

Appealing Pakistani citizens to “remain peaceful,” Alvi, however, said: “Protest is a constitutional right of every citizen of Pakistan but should always remain within the bounds of the law.”

Pakistan president’s comments came after Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was arrested on Tuesday, triggering violent protests in the South Asian nation.

Many deaths have been reported across the country while hundreds of people have been arrested.

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