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Skyrocketing cost of living primary concern for 100% of Greeks

The skyrocketing cost of living is the primary concern for 100% of Greeks, the highest in the EU, a survey revealed Thursday.

The second-biggest concern, according to the Eurobarometer survey, is the threat of poverty and social exclusion, which came in at 97%.

Concern about living costs and poverty is shared by other EU citizens but there was a difference of opinion when it comes to the third most serious problem.

Climate change and the risk of spread of the ongoing war in Ukraine to other countries was at 81% in the EU but 86% of Greeks see irregular migration as the third-biggest problem.

Furthermore, 66% of Greeks said their standard of living fell as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, according to another survey by Suicide Observatory Klimaka, cited by state-run news agency, AMNA, the number of people committing suicide in Greece in 2022 rose by almost 25% compared to 2020.

The number of reported suicides was nearly 600, it noted, adding that the vast majority of those who had taken their lives were 78% for males with female suicides making up 22%.​​​​​​​


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