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'Stay away from flooded houses': Italy warns of health risks in northern areas

Italy on Friday urged the residents in the northern flood areas to "stay away from flooded houses" as stagnant waters pose health and hygiene risks.

Paola Pula, the mayor of the town of Conselice, has signed an ordinance requiring citizens of areas still flooded to leave their homes, Italy's news agency ANSA reported.

The decision is given considering the difficulties in disposing of water from Conselice, due to the large quantities of water present in the area, according to the report.

The risk of the situation is closely and solely linked to contact with stagnant waters, it added.

Meanwhile, it noted that the country's military donates tetanus disinfectant in the flood-affected area, and that extraordinary vaccinations take place in the Forli-Cesena area as a prevention measure against the epidemic disease.

Last week's floods in northern Italy killed 15 and caused extensive damage to the local economy and infrastructure.


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