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Türkiye, Israel begin efforts to take diplomatic missions to ambassadors level

Türkiye and Israel have begun efforts to raise the diplomatic representation at relevant countries to the level of ambassadors, the Turkish foreign minister announced on Thursday.

Stressing the significance of bilateral political and regional consultations, Mevlut Cavusoglu during a news conference with his Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid said the two countries will continue mutual visits as well as political negotiations at various levels.

"The positive dialogue between our countries is once again agreed to be continued with concrete, tangible actions," Cavusoglu added.

Cavusoglu stressed that Ankara is in cooperation with Tel Aviv in fighting terror and possible threats against Israeli citizens, noting that Ankara will never allow any terror attacks on its territory.

The Turkish and Israeli ministers also addressed "steps to be taken" on economic relations, Cavusoglu noted, saying the two countries will organize the Joint Economic Commission meeting in September.

He also expressed Ankara's desire to continue dialogue and cooperation in the field of energy.

Cavusoglu said the Palestine matter was addressed during the meetings as Türkiye expressed its "expectations and sensitives" on the issue to the Israeli side.

He reiterated the need for a two-state solution, and urged to avoid steps that may harm the peace process between Israel and Palestine.

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