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Türkiye 'key country' for solving crises in region, says President Erdogan

Türkiye is the "key country" for solving the crises in the region, the Turkish president said on Sunday.

“Türkiye is the country that offers the most applicable suggestions to solve the problems. Türkiye is the key country for solving the crises and problems in the region," Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on Sunday aboard the presidential plane returning from the Saudi capital Riyadh, where he attended the Arab-Islamic Extraordinary Summit.

"It is the only country that can meet with all the countries in our geography and gather the conflicting and warring parties at the same table," he stressed.

Erdogan added that he will continue to talk to each actor who wants to contact Türkiye for a sincere solution.

"Our effort is to protect human life, ensure peace, end wars, and wipe off the tears of the innocent," he noted.

Regarding the voting at the UN General Assembly in New York, Erdogan said by initiating telephone diplomacy, he wanted to convince the abstaining countries to adopt a resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza.

“Are there any of those (countries) who abstain that we can attract to our side? We are in search of this, and I want to review it. I want to initiate an intensive telephone diplomacy following the Riyadh summit,” Erdogan told the reporters.

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